About Us
Asia-Pacific Risk Consultants (Thailand) Limited [known as B.I.C. Company Limited before May 1999] commenced risk management consulting and insurance brokerage in Thailand in 1967. At that time, the main objective of the company was to serve the business of its shareholders. In the subsequent years, the company continuously expanded to serve other clients in the domestic Thai market. To cope with the challenges of emerging risk exposures and globalization of business operations, the management of the company has been completely revamped in 1999. New investors were brought in to strengthened its capital base, and enhance professional network in handling clients' risks worldwide. The name of the company was also changed in the same year to Asia-Pacific Risk Consultants (Thailand) Limited - APRC. For over the decades, APRC has been carrying firm commitment to serve our clients' needs in insurance and risk management. Our client continue long-term relationships with us as PARTNERS because they can rely on our professional and service excellence.
To establish ourselves as the name of service excellence in risk and insurance management from Asia.
To be the partner of our customers in risk and insurance management.
Corporate Culture
P – Passion for Excellence
R – Respect
O – Ownership
M – Maximization of resources
I – Integrity
S – Service-oriented
E - Enjoy
Corporate Core Values
We are the team of professional in risk and insurance management
We are always active to get all tasks finished
We are reliable for our expertise and service excellence
We deliver solution in timely manner
We are connected to the global network of world's leading brokers
We assure the most efficient way to meet customers' needs
We take prompt response to all risk exposures
We contribute to society by working ethically and fairly to all stakeholders
management TEAM
Warawan Dangprasertporn
Director and General Manager
Ip Sun Sung
B Soc Sc.(Hons), EMBA (Sasin), FCCA, FHKSA, AIINZ, ANNZIIF (Snr Assoc)
MBA, B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)


To be successful in providing value added services such as advising our clients on risk management, loss control engineering, alternative risk financing, claimsn administration and employee benefits programme; we see the importance of having international affiliation while our local partners will assist us in domestic market penetration. They will also provide us with insight and knowledge on the insurance needs and risk acceptance preference of the major corporations in

Strategic Alliances

Background of the Alliances

Pan Asian Alliance (become Brokerslink since 2007)

Asia-Pacific Risk Consultants (Thailand) Limited is a founding member of PAN ASIAN ALLIANCE. It is alliance of independent insurance broker companies from Australia, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
The partnership serves as an international resource network. It enables APRC to respond and provide insurance services to clients whose business operations extend beyond Thailand. Likely, APRC can do the same for its clients whose operation extend to Thailand.


Brokerslink grew out of three expert insurance networks with experience specific to their own geographic region. Brokerslink in Porto, Portugal, was set up in 2004, while PanAsian Alliance has serviced the expanding Asian market since 2005. Alinter was founded in 2000 and has a strong client base in Latin America.As it grew, Brokerslink combined excellence on three continents: Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and expanded recently into North America. Over 70 members operate in almost 100 countries from 300 offices globally managing premiumvolumes in excess of USD 15 billion.Through its worldwide alliances, Brokerslink is able to provide clients with integrated and global solutions, independently of their size, complexity or location. The network is based on the close relationships amongst its members which is built upon a global pool of local market knowledge and in-depth insurance expertise. Clients benefit from the members availability to service them effectively from the most simple, to the most complex requirements. Brokerslink will continue to expand its global network by carefully selecting new brokers with complementary skills and with a commitment to its highly focused client approach. It will also seek to establish a number of strategic partnerships with key markets and service providers who offer specialised knowledge and expertise. For example, in addition to over 70 members, Brokerslink has a reinsurance strategic partner, Cooper Gay. As the preferred reinsurance partner, Cooper Gay provides members and clients valuable access to the reinsurance markets worldwide enabling the network to offer a competitive advantage. Additional information and news can be found at www.brokerslink.org and on Twitter @brokerslinknow