Commercial Products

Risk and Insurance Management

APRC apply our knowledge and experience in insurance industry with resources from international networks to provide our clients the solutions to manage, finance and transfer risk. We identify and analyze the nature of our clients' risks, develop risk management and insurance programs that most appropriate for their risk exposures and budget. 

Our ultimate goal is to help clients reduce the risk exposures in the long run rather than just the cost of insurance premium year by year.


Business Benefits

Our team members are more than happy to give prompt response and efficient choices of insurance and risk   management as follows:

1. Insurance Consultancy 

APRC provides consultancy service to identify risk exposures and obtain quotations from any insurers in the   market to cover the best interest of our clients.

2. Support Service 

APRC assists clients in administration of insurance documentation and claim submission to insurers. We also   prepare management report to address the actual risk exposures and claim records to support budget planning   of clients for risk improvement and insurance cost.

3. Claims Management 

APRC will work closely with clients and coordinate with insurers and all parties involved in claim handling to   achieve Win-Win result at the final settlement.

4. Risk Control / Prevention

APRC will co-ordinate with client and insurers to identify critical areas of risk exposures and arrange risk   mprovement program to control or prevent the potential losses that may have a large impact on clients’ businesses.   This will bring Win-Win result while our clients are doing business with a peach of mind, insurers are comfortable   to take the risks at their maximum capacity and reasonable price.